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what people say

John, Creative Director

I tried to hire Alison a few years back and didn't get her. We knew she was talented, so a year later, we tried again. She proved to be worth the wait. A buoyant personality and eager disposition are complimented by a gifted sense of design. Alison's work never failed to surprise me - able to deliver the "fastball" but always delivering some completely unexpected and delightful solutions as well - all supported by a considered perspective. She loves design, and that comes through loud and clear in the work she creates.

Michael, Professional Photographer

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Alison on the South Carolina Tourism print ad campaign and I jump at the opportunity to work with her again! She has a great sense of design and added a valuable perspective for a more contemporary and relevant look to the final layouts. She has the ability to connect very well with the talent - and the production crew - making the shoots more efficient and pleasant. 

Top qualities: Bright, Creative,
Contemporary, Instantly likeable

Laveda, Creative Services Manager

I had the opportunity to work with Alison at bounce during the last 18 months. She is very talented, passionate, energetic and dedicated. She is a hard worker and takes this business seriously. She is a great designer and loves what she does. She was an asset to the bounce team.

Marlena, Art Director

If I was to sum Alison up in three words they would be: Loud. Fast. Best. Alison is very energetic and brings this energy and excitement to all she creates. She works quickly and well under pressure to develop the best solution for any design problem. She really is the best.

Logan, UX Developer

Alison was an absolute joy to work with. Her bubbly personality and kind demeanor make it easy to talk with her about whatever project we were working on. Not only that, I could always count on her to get something done right in a timely fashion. Alison has great design sense. I was always impressed with her work. Basically, Alison makes everything easy and I'd love to work with her in the future.

Ben, Creative Director

I was lucky enough to work with Alison for two periods: first, while she was a design intern at my company while in college and then again, as our graphic designer once she graduated.  She's highly creative, competent, responsible and self-sufficient, and I've always been continually impressed with the impact she's had on both the company I ran and my own creative efforts. 

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